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Our Story

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Hammond Pretzel Bakery was founded in 1931 during the Great Depression. William Lichty asked his grandfather, William Hammond, to start a pretzel business with him. They used William Hammond’s recipe from when he was a pretzel baker in the late 1800s. Thus, the business was named Hammond’s. Living in adjoining houses, the pair turned their garages into a bakery. William Lichty’s wife, Margaret, and his parents, Joe and Rose Lichty (who lived a few houses away), also joined in the family business. In the early 1970s, William Lichty’s daughter and son-in-law, Carol and Tom Nicklaus took over the business. Tom had been working at Hammond’s since 1957.

Karen and Brian


Still operating in the original location in Lancaster, Hammond’s is run by Tom and Carol’s son and daughter, Brian Nicklaus and Karen Achtermann.

The Bakery

Hammond Pretzel Bakery is the oldest continuously family operated hand-made pretzel bakery in America! Hammond’s Pretzels are still made right in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the family recipe. Each pretzel is hand-rolled the way they were in the old days, resulting in the best Pennsylvania Dutch-style hard pretzels you will ever taste!

Because of our belief in these high quality standards and traditions and standards, our production is limited to ensure a great product every time.